Skin Treatments

As the entire skin weighs more than any of all internal organs, there are many conditions that can affect the skin. The Viridex RF offers a practical, effective and cost-efficient treatment for many skin-related issues, such as stretch marks, with benefits for both the patient and medical professional compared to conventional treatment methods. A list of conditions that the Viridex RF can treat can be found below.

The skin contains different specialized cells that fulfill a function together. The skin is made up of several layers. The outer is the epidermis. Below this is a layer of collagen connective tissue that is called: the dermis. Together, these layers make an effective protection for the tissues and organs located underneath. It also protects against dehydration and excessive water intake.

Skin treatments

Using the principle of thermocoagulation, the Viridex RF can be used to treat the following skin conditions:Viridex RF, skin conditions, treatments